Illinois Medicare Supplement Insurance

Finding the best coverage and the lowest rates when it comes to Illinois Medicare supplement insurance will require a person to consider the basic options they would as if they were purchasing any other individual health insurance policy.

Senior health insurance in Illinois is one thing that a person never wants to find themselves short on. Of course, it can be almost as bad to be over-insured – doesn’t make sense to spend money for insurance coverage that may already be in place. This is an especially delicate situation for Medicare beneficiaries. While Medicare is a program that has proven to be incredibly beneficial to a great number of individuals, it doesn’t cover all the costs. This rightfully causes many individuals many individuals to consider purchasing medgap insurance.

As an individual gets closer to Medicare eligibility, they must understand the basics of what Medicare covers. One of the first things a beneficiary should consider is what he or she likes about his or her coverage. Does that individual like having copayments or responsibility for certain deductibles? Or would the individual like to have a policy that takes care of all of the extra costs left by Medicare?

When it comes to Illinois Medicare supplemental insurance plans, there are a number of different policies available from private insurance companies. Supplemental insurance policies are required by Medicare to offer the same coverage, regardless of the company providing it. What can vary quite a bit is price. But price is not the only thing to consider when choosing a plan. Company reputation and industry ratings are also very important.

Some companies, like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois regularly get high ratings from Medicare based on its value, integrity, customer service, rate stability and claims processing. Plus, Illinois Blue Cross and Blue Shield medicare supplement insurance offers guaranteed acceptance regardless of pre-existing conditions for its supplemental insurance plans.

That is why Healthcare Services of Illinois (HSI) offers a team of licensed insurance specialists to help you navigate the Medicare maze and inform you of the subtle differences of all the plans. For more information, contact us and schedule an appointment to have one of our insurance specialists serve as your own personal advisor to answer all your questions and fulfill your supplemental insurance needs.